Aqua Wipes® 64 Wipe Pack

Aqua Wipes® are available in a convenient, re-sealable pack containing 64 wipes.

The 64 wipe packs are supplied in a printed multipack carton containing 12 x 64-wipe packs.

We also provide a printed bag containing 4 of the 64 wipe packs.

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Product Specifications:

Product Code AQW64F AQW64F12P AQW64F4B
No. of Wipes per Pack 64 wipes 12 x 64 packs 4 x 64 packs
Wipe Size 19cm x 16cm 19cm x 16cm 19cm x 16cm
Carton Quantity 12 packs per carton 12 packs per carton 4 packs per bag




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