Continence Care

8 in 1 Incontinence Wipes

Indulge in the epitome of comfort and care with Clinicept 8 in 1 Incontinence Wipes, our most premium and luxurious solution for continence care. Crafted with a textured, high-quality fabric, these wipes offer a superior cleansing experience for patients.

The unique 8 in 1 formulation addresses various aspects of continence care, providing not only effective cleansing but also nourishing & moisturising benefits as well as protecting the skin from irritation. Clinicept 8 in 1 Incontinence Wipes redefine the standard for incontinence care, ensuring that patients receive the utmost care and comfort in every use.

Product CodeCCC10FCCC25F
Number of wipes per pack1025
Wipe Dimensions20cm x 30cm20cm x 30cm
Carton Quantity24 units20 units

4% Dimethicone Incontinence Wipes

Strike the perfect balance between efficacy and affordability with Clinicept 4% Dimethicone Incontinence Wipes, our mid-tier solution for continence care. These wipes feature a 4% dimethicone formulation, creating a protective barrier that helps safeguard the skin from the effects of incontinence.

The soft and gentle fabric ensures a comfortable experience for patients while providing the necessary care for maintaining skin integrity. Clinicept 4% Dimethicone Incontinence Wipes embody our commitment to offering a reliable and cost-effective option for comprehensive continence care.

Product CodeCKC410FCKC425F
Number of wipes per pack1025
Wipe Size22cm x 30cm22cm x 30cm
Carton Quantity24 units20 units

3% Dimethicone incontinence Wipes

Introducing an economical yet effective solution for continence care, Clinicept 3% Dimethicone Incontinence Wipes provide a reliable option for patients requiring gentle and protective cleansing. With a 3% dimethicone formulation, these wipes create a barrier that shields the skin from the potential irritants associated with incontinence.

Designed with both functionality and affordability in mind, Clinicept 3% Dimethicone Incontinence Wipes deliver a practical solution for maintaining skin health, ensuring that quality continence care is accessible to all.

Product CodeCKC325F
Number of wipes per pack25
Wipe Dimensions20cm x 21cm
Carton Quantity24 units

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