The Key Benefits of Alcohol Free Disinfectant Wipes

In domestic and professional circles, the use of alcohol based wipes has been routine for some time. For fast, effective and simple disinfection purposes, alcohol based wipe have become something of the norm across homes, schools, hospitals and care facilities. But as time goes on, a growing number of consumers are beginning to make the switch to alcohol free disinfectant wipes, having acknowledged a number of genuine advantages.

So given the known effectiveness and convenience of standard wipes, what exactly are the benefits of using alcohol free disinfectant wipes instead?

Effective Yet Gentle

The single biggest benefit that comes with using alcohol-free products of any kind is the way in which they have a tendency to be kinder to the skin. Shocking as it may be, there are plenty of commercially available sanitisers and sanitising wipes on the market today that contain as much as 90% pure isopropyl alcohol or ethyl. While these kinds of wipes will do a great job in killing germs and bacteria, they may at the same time pose a threat to skin health.

Sensitive Skin

This count doubles for those with sensitive or damaged skin, which could be further damaged or inflamed by the high concentration of alcohol in many standard wipes and sanitisers. The utmost care and attention is required when cleansing the skin of babies, the elderly and other sensitive/vulnerable individuals furthermore highlighting the importance when carefully considering disinfectant products.

Highly Flammable

It may come across as an unlikely scenario to consider, but it is a fact that alcohol-based cleansing products can be extremely flammable. When used in the vicinity of open flames or extreme sources of heat, alcohol-based wipes and disinfection products in general have the potential to burst into flames, perhaps causing serious burns.

Equally Effective

When considering the downsides to both using and storing alcohol-based wipes and cleaning products, alcohol-free alternatives are becoming more appealing. Considering the fact that alcohol-free products have the potential to be just as effective as alcohol-based wipes, the choice becomes even easier to make.

With no difference in price or effectiveness but perhaps a significant difference in safety, making the switch to alcohol-free disinfectant wipes is one that makes a great deal of sense.