Macerator Friendly Bed Bath Wipes

Macerator friendly bed bath wipesClinicept® Care Bed Bath Wipes (Macerator Friendly) have been specially formulated by skincare experts to provide an effective rinse-free cleansing and moisturising solution for the body, all in one handy wet wipe. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, these wipes are kind and gentle to the skin at all times.

Clinicept® Care Bed Bath Wipes can even be heated in the microwave before use to provide a comforting warming effect.These rinse-free bed bath wipes are ideal for use in Hospitals, Nursing care homes, for home use for the sick or elderly, on camping trips and many other areas.

Product Specifications:

Product Code CBMF10F
No. of Wipes per Pack 10
Wipe Dimensions 22cm x 30cm
Carton Quantity 24 units

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